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Sumya 'the island girl' Anani, 4x World Champion Boxer, was voted Most Avoided Female Fighter in the World in 2004 and 2005.
Now she wants to ...
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  • Boxer learns ring's lessons by
  • Watching Sumya Anani in a boxing match can teach even the faint of heart a bit about how beautiful the sport can be.Anani hits explosively, putting all of her energy and her power into each punch. She concentrates; making smooth movements and most times swiftly defeats her opponent.

  • I know Lucia Rijker is Ducking Me.
  • by Benny Henderson. (Sep. 2004)
    Four time world champion and #1 world ranked light welterweight Sumya Anani, 23-1-1 (10), wants the boxing world to know that she is the best in her division when it comes to womens boxing. And she is willing to fight the best to prove that she is the best. The only problem with that scenario is that the best out there arent willing to fight her. 

  • Rijker Out, Anani In;  Will Lucia Be Next?
  • By Jack Dunne (April 2004) 
    Anani has earned another distinction as well, and make no mistake about it, today Sumya Anani is the Most Feared fighter in the sport; a distinction previously belonging to Rijker.  

    Promoters Promote. Fighters Fight.  If Only. by Bernie McCoy: Aug 2004
    �..Sumya Anani, considered by many in the boxing community as the best pound/pound fighter in the sport..Sumya Anani doesn't have a famous last name, yet. What she does have is prodigious boxing skill and punching power. What she does have is a win over Christy Martin, and a spectacular KO of Jane Couch a bout still considered the best female boxing bout ever telecast on ESPN (just ask Teddy Atlas)."

    Boxing News : A Q & A with Sumya Anani.  Part 1(August 2003) 
    MaxBoxing's Jack Dunne talks with Sumya Anani about the current state of women's boxing, comparisons to the men's ... did that come about? Sumya Anani: I went on vacation toJamaica...

    A Q & A with Sumya Anani Part 2. Jack Dunne Part 2 Jack Dunne concludes his conversation with Sumya Anani by discussing Laila Ali, Christy Martin, Lucia Rijker ... talent a liability in women's boxing? Sumya Anani: I think so ... www.maxboxing.com/Dunne/dunne082303.asp

    Why Not the Best....A Conversation with Sumya Anani . Bernie McCoy"... who many consider the best in the sport, Sumya Anani, still in the prime of her career�  Sumya Anani is the fighter about whom Teddy Atlas..." www.eastsideboxing.com/news.php?p=703&more=1

    Doghouse Boxing chats with Sumya Anani�s trainer Barry Becker. by Martin Wade"... On the eve of getting the call for Sumya Anani to replace Lucia Rijker (against the talented Lisa ... for high stakes is. Sumya Anani once again honored her trainer�s words ...www.doghouseboxing.com/News/Wade/Wade050304.htm

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