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Sumya 'the island girl' Anani, 4x World Champion Boxer, was voted Most Avoided Female Fighter in the World in 2004 and 2005.
Now she wants to ...
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Yoga Workshops


Adult Yoga Classes

Kid's Yoga & Art Classes

Sumya is a Registered Yoga Teacher (500 Hrs.) through Yoga Alliance, and has been teaching yoga for 10 years.  Her eclectic teaching style was inspired and born out of her curiosity, study, appreciation, and love for all styles of yoga. She has been inspired by Iyengar teachers, Anusara teachers, and Ashtanga teachers.  "There really is only one 'style' of yoga!  Whatever practice that makes us look deeper into who we are and why we're here is a yoga practice!  Whatever practice makes us ohhh and ahhh over the wonders of life is a yoga practice!  Yoga is a practice to celebrate life and all its wonders!"
Movement is life, and she thinks conscious movement of the miraculous human body as a vehicle to discovering personal potential and fulfilling dharma.  She continues her own study enthusiasticly, including her most recent 40-hour Anatomy in Clay(tm) training.  She tries to make asana, anatomy, and philosophy tangible in her teachings.  She loves to challenge others and encourages everyone to listen to their inner guidance in all things.  "The stillness that yoga induces helps us hear our own intuitive voice.  When we listen to it, we are always guided to the appropriate path for us.  But there are so many external distractions that we have to learn how to quiet our minds.  This is why yoga is appropriate and beneficial for anyone.  And not to mention the physical benefits of yoga!  We learn to inhabit our bodies and find joy in movement again!  Yoga is healing on so many levels!"
She founded A.C.T. (A.wakening C.hange T.ogether).  This is a karma yoga group in Kansas City that gets together quarterly for volunteer projects around the city.  (See Empowered by Activism page.)

 Sumya studying Anatomy in Clay™

 Sumya studying Anatomy in Clay™

Guatemala Yoga Retreat - Sumya - May 25 - June1, 2008

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Adult Yoga Classes

Kid's Yoga & Art
Sumya's yoga class schedule right now is...
Friday 11:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m. Hatha Flow at Darling Yoga.
"See Sumya's full current schedule at her studio now online at www.IAmLearning2Fly.com"
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Kid's Yoga & Art

2010 Monthly Kid's Yoga & Art Schedule at Learning2Fly

Saturdays, 1:00 - 3:00pm

4711 Lamar ~ Mission, Kansas

www.IAmLearning2Fly.com ~ Register under Workshop tab.

Cost: $20

June 19

July 31

August 28

September 18

October 16

November 13

December 18

How does combining yoga and art benefit young children (and adults too)?

Yoga works to build strong and agile bodies, improve coordination, and enhance awareness of their growing, changing bodies. Adding art, especially for young children, reinforces the mental benefits of yoga. (meditation, concentration, etc)

We are all born creative but if we neglect to develop and strengthen these skills, our creativity becomes inhibited. Unfortunately, our school systems don’t nurture the creative spirit, and school can become simply a place to memorize facts.

By creating art, we are exploring, assisting, and encouraging a child's creativity. This is setting the stage for endless opportunities for that child's imagination.

Imagine a world without creativity.

When a child creates a work of art, they are not just drawing a picture; they are also creating aspects of individuality and engaging in self-expression. A healthy imagination also builds self-esteem and confidence, an important tool needed for the rest of our lives. As parents, we know the 6-12 age group is a critical time to build self-esteem.

1. Developing patience for self and others.

2. Learning discipline.

3. Increasing self-esteem, especially critical during pre-adolescence.

4. Instilling self acceptance, and acceptance of others.

5. Adapting to the stresses of life.

The emphasis is always placed on the “process” of creating, not the “product.” By sharing the gift of creativity with our children and giving them an outlet for self-expression with yoga and art, we are setting the stage for the future of our community, our society, and humanity at large.

Sumya Anani
4x World Champion Boxer
Registered Yoga Teacher
Aerial Performer & Instructor

Kansas City's Aerial Fitness & Circus Arts Center


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